Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard DLC

Today is the day! When the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim dropped on 11-11-11, everyone everywhere fell in love. 7 months later, we now have the Dawnguard DLC to bask in for hours.

What’s new? A ton of things. Not only are there hours upon hours for you to indulge in, but you can now be a vampire!!! Here’s just a little list of a glimpse at what is new in the pack when you join the vamps:

Power of the Grave– This gives 50 bonus points to health, magicka and stamina

Detect All Creatures– Vampire lords can detect all creatures, even dwarven automatons.

Mist Form– This is the ability to transform into an invulnerable mist, while a player’s health, magicka and stamina regenerate.

Super Natural Reflexes– The rest of the world slows down as a vampire lord moves faster.

Summon Gargoyle– A type of Blood Magic that allows a player to conjure a gargoyle to fight in his or her place.

Corpse Curse– A form of Blood Magic which paralyzes a target.

Unearthly Will– Night Powers and Blood Magic cost 33 percent less.

Blood Healing– Killing an opponent with a power attack bite restores all of a player’s health with this ability.

Poison Talons– This makes melee attacks cause 20 points of poison damage during battle.

Night Cloak– When in combat, this ability gives players the power to be surrounded by a swarm of bats. These winged companions feed on enemies with melee range.

New quests, places, characters, abilities etc. are available when you purchase Dawnguard. Be a vampire and take over souls, or join the Dawnguard and fight them off! The choice is yours, and so is this DLC. Dawnguard is available for the Xbox 360 for just 1,600 Microsoft Points. Stay updated right here as we will release a review soon!


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