E3 Preview: Zombi U Exclusive for Wii U

Last year, Nintendo broke news about their future product/console if you will, named the Wii U. While the only main difference is the pad controller, many critics were doubtful of how the new product would do.

One year later with not much news, Nintendo showed of a game called Zombi U…and I’m sure you can tell what it’s about. Nintendo has always been that ‘kiddish and friendly’ console not known for it’s share of violence. Well, when Ubisoft announced a Wii U exclusive game that is rated M and is a first-peson shooter that takes place in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, many eyes opened. Zombi U will take full advantage of the Wii U’s controller in a way tha is unique to gaming and is similar to what the Xbox SmartGlass is trying to accomplish.

Check out this video as the demo of Ubisoft perfectly demonstrates what Zombi U will be like.

When people saw this, it because talk of the entire event. However, while it seems pretty cool, there are some questions about how the game will do in the market. Yes, it looks creepy, but is scanning an area or sniping by holding your remote up to the TV really necessary? It seems kind of random and annoying at some parts, but it’s still just a demo. If you take the time to check out the official trailer, you’ll see one pretty similar to one of Dead Island that got lots of recognition.

There is no set date for Zombi U, but it is projected to launch on the Wii U shortly after the console’s launch date. Keep an eye out on this, it seems interesting.


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