E3 Preview: Watch Dogs

With probably the most impressive game at E3, Watch Dogs is the game that stole the show. Ubisoft really hit home with this one as this game may be the next big hit in the gaming community.

Prior to the event, Watch Dogs had barely any followers. It wasn’t until Ubisoft unleashed the gameplay demo when millions of people dropped what they were doing and watched in awe-literally. The video has been out for only three days as of now and already has close to 4 million views. Anyways, from what we can tell, Watch Dogs is going to be impressive.

Looking like a Deus Ex meets Hitman meets Grand Theft Auto, Watch Dogs takes everything we love about shooting games and puts them into one. Stunning graphics, detailed stories, crazy futuristic devices, killing people, and the overall feel of a proper video game are just some of the things I took out of this video. Right as it opens up with the man walking down the street, you can see the sunset’s reflection off the pavement as his peacoat waves in the wind. He then proceeds to electronically take over this theatre/night club, receive intel on the victims, wipe out a traffic light to cause mayhem, and blow things up. Pretty cool if you ask me.

It’s really hard to pinpoint how this game is going to be. Awesome, obviously, but the overall gameplay I mean. Will it be a sandbox game like GTA? Or perhaps you’re given a mission and you have a limited amount of the world to use, much like Assassins Creed. I feel like it would be a futuristic Hitman given the third person gameplay, and I like everything about it. As of now, Ubisoft is king of in a pickle. I don’t think they even predicted this game to receive so much attention like it did, because they aren’t even sure which platforms they plan to release it on. 2013 is the year, but no official date has been set.

Again, much like the rest of the games at E3, little information has been released about this game. With just this demo to feed off of, we’ll all have to wait and see what the future brings. All I know is this- Watch Dogs looks fucking sick.


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