E3 Preview: Xbox 360 SmartGlass

One big break through at this year’s E3 was the innovation of the new “SmartGlass” for the Xbox 360. Much like the Wii U, the Xbox SmartGlass is a new way to game, watch movies, and surf the web from your Xbox 360 console.

The Wii U was unveiled last year and was known for the console with the touch screen remote controller. While it seemed cool and promising, many people continued to doubt what Nintendo could do and how they could fully take advantage of this technology. One year later, the masterminds behind Microsoft decided they liked what they saw, and wanted to make their own version.

Now there was no Xbox 720 announced for this feature to be used on. However, you may need to pick up some new gear. The XboxSmart will be used on your Xbox 360 and will be controlled from an application on either your iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet or any Microsoft/Windows 8 device. Yes, later this year, Microsoft will release an app for your leisure to control your gaming experience in a whole new way.

The video may be long, but those 10 minutes were surely informative. As you can see, the SmartGlass can be used to watch videos or movies through Wi-Fi, go on the internet, listen to music, and control your games.

In the demo, I really liked how they integrated this into the Madden 13 title. It’s like actually being a coach, with a full interactive playbook in your hands. The limits are endless and it’ll be really interesting to see how they plan to use with upcoming titles. I’m sure not all games will be able to use this, but the ones that do will greatly benefit. I can already see it being used in Fifa or NBA Live, seeing the field and court from a whole new vision. Also in the demonstration, Halo 4 was used. As a completely new screen, the SmartGlass will bring you more options and capabilities, all in your hands.

While this seems completely awesome to me, there are many questions still lingering. How much will the application cost? Since Microsoft favors Windows 8, what advantages will users have over Apple Products? And finally, how can you ensure this technology to be fail-proof? I don’t want to be playing Madden and on a 4-th down late in the game, mess up my chances because of the lag between my device and the console. Also, still regarding Madden, how will it effect the play clock? Surely drawing up all your plays and selecting certain players takes time…

For now, I’ll leave out my doubts. This new Xbox SmartGlass can really change what we know is possible for gaming. Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn out to be a major let down, much like the Kinect.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Xbox SmartGlass!


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